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"Touch Your Heart and Warm Your Home!"


There are dozens, if not hundreds of places in the surrounding area where you can have nice pictures made of your children. But there are only a handful of places in the country where you can get a true Masterpiece. The exclusive destination for children's portraits of the highest heirloom quality, Masterpiece Portraits creates a style of photographic art you simply won't find elsewhere.

We don't just snap a few photos in front of a pull-down screen. We capture the essence of your child's personality within a theatrical quality setting. We stop time - just for a moment - and create works of photographic art that tell a story and celebrate the all-too-brief passage of childhood. We preserve one glimmering instant of innocence forever, yours to proudly safeguard and cherish, even as your children grow beyond the tenderness of youth.


Our clients get asked this question a lot. When people see a Reflections portrait for the first time, they often think they're admiring a gallery quality piece of art. The scenes are so realistic, the apparel so detailed and the emotion too natural to be a mere photograph. In fact, one of the most common stories we hear from our clients is this:

"The Masterpiece Portrait that we have displayed in our home is one of the most talked about items that we own. Our friends and family are drawn to it immediately. After they ask where we got such a beautiful art piece, they suddenly realize that it's actually a portrait of our child, and then they are truly amazed."


We stand by our work and unequivocally guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the beautiful artisan portraits we create for you. If for any reason your not 100% satisfied with your finished portraits, we will be happy to re-photograph your session, reproduce your portraits or refund your money - no questions asked and no hard feelings.


Take a moment to think of your favorite photographs - the ones that take you back in time and fill your senses with remembrance. It's likely that you've brought to mind a candid moment. Something taken unaware and completely natural. An unscripted moment of genuine emotion fixed in time. Now imagine that very same emotion, that very same unscripted glimpse of genuine happiness, captured within a perfect setting such as an enchanted garden, a windswept beach, an innocent country day, or perhaps in front of a nostalgic one-room school house. Now just imagine having this perfect scene with your child at the center of attention, expertly photographed and transformed into a stunning art piece suitable for framing and proudly displaying in your home. You have just discovered the secret behind the stunning photographic art available exclusively from Masterpiece Portraits.


We create beautiful photographic art by first creating exclusive, custom-made settings and apparel. Imaginative and interactive, our photographic sets are designed to create a sense of depth and realism. Our beach has real sand. Our trees have real swings. Our custom designed apparel is meticulously created from the highest quality fabrics. And our garden, of course, is home to real bunnies and ducklings. Children featured in our portraits appear happy, relaxed and natural because they are genuinely engaged. We create enchantingly delightful photographic sets and apply our photography expertise and artistry to capture what happens naturally - and what happens is magic.


The time we have with our children is fleeting. We get only a few scant years when they are full of wonder and then, all too soon, it's over. Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy fall by the wayside. Birthdays flash by in an instant. The vestiges of childhood vanish, leaving us with only the memories we've taken the time to capture. Children grow up so fast and we can never get those special years back. That's why, as parents, you know how very precious your photographs become. They are your memories, your treasures, and your connection to a moment in time when you wish that childhood could last forever. Let us help you capture and preserve that moment - that one timeless glimmer of childhood innocence you'll treasure for a lifetime.


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